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July 29, 2019
The changing care system…
August 27, 2019

Group Of Elementary School Children In Computer Class

At the Acorns, we care for children and young people by providing a high quality residential home and a fostering service that respond appropriately to the circumstances of each young person referred. We are dedicated to improving the lives of young people who are unable to live at home with their birth families and require either residential living or fostering over a short or longer period of time.


Our aim is to provide young people with the opportunities and experiences that will enable them to achieve their full potential, so you can imagine our delight when reading a page from the graduation brochure of one of our foster children. Graduating from primary school, his quote was:


“I am most proud of making friends. I am most proud of being part of a loving family. The things I will miss the most are my friends and teacher. I will miss the trips, the food and going to Robin Wood. I have enjoyed eating, playing outside and going into the forest.

I want to be a foster carer so I can give children homes that they could never have – like I have.”


Need we say more?


If you could be a positive influence in the life of a looked-after young person then please get in touch today.

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