Foster Care Fortnight
May 12, 2020

New Year, New Start. Change your life and the life of a young person.

A New Year usually brings thoughts of new beginnings and new challenges.

This year is no different to any other, or is it?  The Corona Virus has affected us all in different ways.We can probably all agree that we are keen to see the back of 2020 the pandemic this year has certainly made a lot of us see things differently, especially where employment is concerned.

Maybe you’ve been working from home.

And enjoyed the work life balance you’ve achieved.  Maybe you’ve been made redundant and are wondering what your next step should be. Or maybe you’ve just had time to reconsider things and you fancy a change.

At the Acorns we’ve seen an increase in the number of children needing foster care.

That could be because many vulnerable families lost their support structures during the pandemic and with parents who were already struggling the cracks have appeared.   This New Year, as we look ahead positively towards a new beginning, we’re running a recruitment-drive to find people, like you, who want a change in career for themselves and who could change the life of a young person by providing a stable loving home.

Foster Carers work from home. Receive a payment for each young person placed with them. Fostering is the provision of parental care to a child other than your own. The children for whom we are seeking foster families are in foster care through no fault of their own. Their parents are unable to provide a safe and stable environment within which they can thrive and flourish. It is intended that foster carers will bridge the gaps for these children, normalise their experience of the world, and encourage them to access all of the opportunities available to their peer group.

If you’re a UK resident, over 21 with a spare room, and you care as much as we do – find out more now. Visit fosteringattheacorns.co.uk and start the journey that could change your life and a young person’s life today.

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