Successful foster carers come from all walks of life…
January 15, 2020
CHAS Accredited
February 18, 2020

Two little boys friends hug each other in summer sunny day. Brother love. Concept friendship. Back view.

At the Acorns, we offer an excellent training programme, some of which is mandatory and must be completed within 12 months of approval with the remainder being optional. We adapt our training programme to meet new demands and changes in legislation and are committed to providing high quality, relevant subject matter delivered by specialist trainers who are experts in their field.

Our consultant clinical psychologist Dr Nikki Hill delivers a 12-week course exploring attachment theory based on the secure base model expounded by Kim Golding. We feel that investment in our foster carers is never wasted and that high quality training ultimately pays for itself in improving outcomes for our children and young people.

You can hear all about the training offered by Nikki in her contribution to our new corporate video. Placement sustainability is key to ensuring that young people in foster care receive the same life changes as young people who aren’t fostered. Understanding the reasons why behaviours are displayed helps to prepare carers to better cope with the challenging situations that can arise with looked-after children. Being able to work your way through these situations, with the help and support of the team at the Acorns, could be the difference as to whether the placement breaks down or not. Sustainability is key – that’s why we strive for it and why we train so much.

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